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Dark Alleys
1 cd digipak

A new release from nofrillsmusic featuring Jesse Dulman tuba and Blaise Siwula clarinet/bass clarinet/alto clarinet/sop sax/alto sax/tenor sax. This was recorded 12-7-17 at SPencer St Studios in Brooklyn. There are 12 musical stories on this disc reflecting our lives

Past the Potatoes
1 cd

NoFrillsMusic's latest release - Past the Potaoes - featuring Blaise Siwula tenor and soprano sax, Aron Namenwirth banjo and guitar, John Loggia drums and percussion.

Windows to the World Beyond
1 cd

Rags to Ragas
1 Cd Digipak

Rags to Riches  is the first duet collaboration between Luciano Troja and Blaise Siwula after three trio releases.
After a week of preparing for a show improvising on the 19th century composer Gaetano Daga’s “Union Blues Quick Step” we went to the studio and recorded 52 minutes of spontaneous music without actually referencing the tune the entire session but the subliminal influence was indeed apparent.

We hope you enjoy the recording.

"Songs of Deception" Merida Encuentro
A digipak release

The latest release by Merida Encuentro featuring Blaise Siwula reeds/flutes Armando Martin acoustic guitar and Edgar Caamal drums/percussion on Setola di Maiale records in Italy. These are all spontaneous compositions by the trio performed and recorded Calle 58 in Merida MX

Samples from the cd

Eco wallet cd

This duet is trans Atlantic. Blaise Siwula resides in Brooklyn and Jorge Nuno is from Lisbon, Portugal. They met for the first time on Jan 27th, 2016 and then again on Jan 28th 2016 to complete the recording. Psychedelic guitar with jazz bass clarinet/soprano sax on a journey to new and different territory in a panorama of abstract expressionism. There is a constant shift from foreground to background with linear melodies skating over the reflections in an aquatic environment.

"Los jaguares sueñan flamingos"
1 cd eco wallet

The music is imagination of an image of a dream from jaguars of flamingos with passion.

Approximately 3 years ago Blaise Siwula and Israel Flores Bravo met for the first time in Mérida, MX and performed as a duo in the Cha'ak'ab Paaxil free jazz and noise Festival. This led to several encuentros in Queretaro, San Miguel and Mexico City. The music has maintained it's freshness and spontaneity during each show. Israel Flores Bravo is a drummer/poet who resides in Queretaro MX performing with a wide variety of improvising musicians. Blaise Siwula is a saxophonist and clarinetist who lives in Brooklyn, NY and on a more regular schedule Mérida MX. This cd contains music from their last two shows in Mexico City - JazzOrca and Queretaro - Mas sabe el diablo Cultubar.

"Time In"
A digipak release

This is NoFrillsMusic's latest cd release featuring the duet Blaise Siwula alto/tenor and soprano saxophones and Eric Plaks piano. Recorded August 26th, 2015 at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn the cd presents 7 tracks of spontaneously composed music with roots in a very broad spectrum of musical genres from gospel to free jazz with many twists and turns from beginning to end.The art work was created for this cd by Blaise Dehon from Belgium. 

"Siwula leads us to the freshness of New Orleans and returns us to the chaos of any city in the world, with lively tunes and febrile, sponsoring the dialectic own of jazz and its vast history of styles and interpretations." Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante JazzTimes June 23rd, 2016

Beneath the Ritual
1 cd digipak

Beneath the Ritual features
blaise siwula alto tenor soprano sax and clarinet
luciano troja piano
john murchison bass
in a festive display of organic interplay
captured one spring afternoon in brooklyn, ny.
thanks to ross bonadonna engineer and founder of
wombat studios
and cristina prudente for the photo

1.  Softly Into the Night
2.  Shadow Dance (if there is one)
3.  When the Song is Home
4.  The Challenge is in the Absolute
5.  A Garden for Delights Played Again
6.  Beneath the Ritual
7.  We of the Universal in Tempo
8.  Migration
9.   Loop of Distinction
10. Light in Ascension
11. Challenges
12. If It Wasn’t You

Past the Future
1 cd digipak

Past the Future is the result of the ongoing musical
relationship projection:zero - blaise siwula on reeds,
carsten radtke on guitar and the addition of
joe hertenstein on drums and percussion.
this music was spontaneously composed in wombat studios
on sept 1, 2014.
a kaleidoscope of genres emerges then transcends
the past, present and future as the trio pursues
a harmonic, rhythmic and melodic compositional

1. Past the Future
2. Sand Steps
3. Are Caught in a Moment
4. Of a Shadow
5. To Signal
6. On One Beat
7. Beginning an Omelet

"Songs for Albert"
1 cd digipak

The latest release from features from Tokyo, Japan Shiro Onuma on drums and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax. This was recorded July 25th, 2009 at Wombat Studios. The music was inspired and dedicated to tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler.


"Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision"
1 cd disc's latest and newest release "Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision" from D'istante3 featuring: Luciano Troja piano, Giancarlo Mazzù guitar/drumkit/vocals and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax and clarinet. This was recorded May 1st, 2014 at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn and will be available on cdbaby soon. or contact

Backcover for Sometime The Journey Is A Vision

Mérida Encuentro "Mérida Swings" (in 7 parts)
1 cd in a cardboard sleeve

This is the latest cd release from "" Featuring: Blaise Siwula clarinet and alto sax (tracks 1-7), Armando Martin acoustic and electric guitar (tracks 1,2,3,4&6), Alvar Canto Torres electric guitar (track 7) and Edgar Caamal drums/perc (tracks 4,5,6,&7). Recorded in Mérida, MX May 28th, 2013 this cd presents a series of spontaneous compositions incorporating various genres from 1930's swing jazz to free jazz with a bit of psychedelic rock.    

"Mérida Swings"                    (in 7 parts)
1. Para Django    08:15        For Django
2. Recuerdos       05:05         Memories
3. Sin Tiempo      05:55         Timeless
4. Diseños           10:43          Designs
5. Liberado          06:44           Freed
6. Suave             12:22             Soft
7. Fuera              09:24             Out

Mérida Encuentro "Mérida Swings" will be available October 21,2013 on CdBaby as a disc and for download.


A New Cd release on SLAM

Blaise Siwula
alto & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, clarinet.
Giancarlo Mazzù guitar, drums.
Luciano Troja piano.

"d'istante3" is a creative music project bringing togetherthe two Italian improvisers Giancarlo Mazzù and Luciano Troja, and the New York based saxophonist Blaise Siwula.

Giancarlo and Luciano have worked together on the European jazz scene since 2002. Their music is mainly based on the search for new forms and expressions, related to tradition with a solid jazz background, mixed with folk music, classical forms and free improvisation.

Blaise Siwula has established a prominent role in the NYC music scene since his arrival there in 1989

Collaboration between the three musicians began in 2009, with their first performance together in NYCat ABC No-Rio, where Siwula is the curator of C.O.M.A. Series. In 2011 "d'istante3" performed in several venues around NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem); in April that year, in the Wombat Studio in Brooklyn, the trio decided to record their special synergy in the spontaneous session presented on this, their first CD.

New York Encuentro
Audio CD Just Released


"New York Encuentro" is happy to finally release this cd. 5 years in the making.

Encuentros were the meetings, or "encounters" the Mexican
Zapatistas organized in Chiapas after their rebellion in 1994.
People from outside Mexico came together for the encounters
for a unique moment to exchange ideas and try to build something
together, then they dispersed. The Zapatistas also sometimes
called these meetings "Intergalacticas", since they were all in
one space but exceeded the boundaries of that space.
Katsuyuki Itakura piano
Blaise Siwula alto and tenor saxophone
Richard Gilman-Opalsky drumset, whistle and various perc.
recorded July 6, 2006 @ Wombat Studios Brooklyn, NY
® © blaisesiwula ascap nfm-002

"Call Red Dragon"
"Call Red Dragon" from Stone Arabia with guest alto saxophonist Blaise SIwula

Now Avaiiable

"Call Red Dragon"  from "Stone Arabia"

Robyn Siwula violin and viola Mike Irwin trumpet

Dmitry Ishenko bass Brian Adler drums.

Guest alto saxophonist – Blaise Siwula (trks 4,5,6,7) nfm-003 ®NoFrillsMusic.Com



Stone Arabia is a Village in the Mohawk Valley of New York.

Blaise Siwula Live In London
Audio Cd Available @ Cd Baby Amazon and Metropolis -The Shop


Blaise Siwula Live In London

Recorded at 2 shows in London in Dec 2008

Dec 9th 2008 at Jazz Rumours - Cross Kings

Dec17th 2008 at FlimFlam - Ryan’s.

Blaise Siwula solo tenor sax and solo clarinet

The last track is a duet Blaise Siwula tenor sax and Alan Wilkinson bari sax. These shows book ended a quick tour in Portugal (Lisbon & Porto) I arrived in London on Dec 9th did the first show. On Dec. 10th Barbara and I flew to Lisbon. Then we returned to London on Dec. 17th did the second show and flew home on the 18th.

We did get to see the Rothko – Seagrams show at the Tate never the less.

These tracks were all spontaneously composed pieces before a warm audience of local musicians and enthusiasts.This cd is the first release for and I hope more to follow soon.

Thanks for taking a look!

"Fulgornatus" The CD
Audio Cd Available @ Cd Baby Amazon and Metropolis -The Shop

Blaise Siwula and Adam Lane: Tandem Rivers (2003)
A Cadence Jazz Records Release 1 cd

Recorded in 2002 Blaise Siwula alto/soprano sax and Adam Lane bass performed at a Tibetan Buddhist coffee shop on East 5th St next door to Downtown Music Gallery.

Published: July 25, 2003

"One and one don’t make two. One and one make one," said Pete Townshend. He may as well have been talking about Blaise Siwula (alto and soprano saxophones) and Adam Lane (contrabass), whose instruments intertwine on this intimate, entirely improvised set where the saxophones pop to keep time and the bass growls disconsolately in a role reversal of sound.

Siwula and Lane go on some relatively long walks, but they rarely move faster than a jog, often grounded by melody or slowing down to find a common rhythm. The disc begins with "Opal," where Lane is a steady idle beneath Siwula’s revving and sputtering engine. On "Tandem Rivers," Siwula plays short staccato bursts before he lays out and Lane’s understated bass turns reflective, setting the tone for Siwula’s melancholy reentry. Siwula plays dry, vibratoless soprano on "Crystal Radio," and Lane’s arco bass imitates the soprano in the upper register. As the tune progresses, some vibrato creeps back into Siwula’s horn and he’s playing the Dixieland blues of Sidney Bechet, shockingly lyrical in this context. 

Tandem Rivers is a disc where melodies bubble to the surface and evaporate just as quickly, where the tunes organically transform from abstract sound into second-line struts. "Night," the duo’s longest sonic tour, best illustrates their chameleon-like ability for mimicry. Performing more like a team of bass ‘n’ drum rather than bass ‘n’ horn, Siwula’s alto is percussive before it evolves into a source of warm, inviting musicality, and Lane’s bowed strings imitate the alto’s melancholy sound. "Night" defines the duo’s artistic approach. The track’s last two minutes conclude with resonant unity, as both alto and bass imply musical saws in perfect whiny two-part harmony.

The improvisational discourse is full of clever choices, wit and a variety of moods. Siwula and Lane command attention with subtlety and nuance. 

This review originally appeared in the July 2003 issue of All About Jazz - New York .

Track Listing: 1. Opal - 12:44 2. Tandem Rivers - 16:07 3. Crystal Radio - 11:14 4. Night - 17:46
Personnel: Adam Lane - bass; Blaise Siwula - alto and soprano sax.

Expositions of Freedom...Now!: Badlands
A Cadence Jazz Records Release 1 cd

The Badlands Trio: Blaise Siwula reeds, Vattel Cherry bass and Jeff Arnal drums....

Published: June 1, 2001 AllAboutJazz
No doubt, saxophonist Blaise Siwula has blossomed into one of New York City’s most prominent modern jazz-based improvisers and free-jazz event organizers. However, the trio known as Badlands is a group effort featuring the equally noteworthy bassist Vattel Cherry and drummer Jeff Arnal, as this set was recorded live at the “Knitting Factory”.
From the onset of the fifteen minute opus “Freedom of Thought”, the band’s charter is quickly established as expressionistic imagery converges with multifarious elements and well-stated mini-themes. Siwula’s distinctive and often steely edged alto sax lines spearhead the rhythm sections’ sinewy developments and electrified currents. Here and throughout, Siwula’s enticing employment of richly thematic, vibrato-induced statements along with Cherry’s commanding presence and Arnal’s sweeping fills, and odd-metered beats provide the listener with a potpourri of harmonious interludes and raw, yet powerful improv. Siwula produces rhythmically inclined soulfulness and probing sentiments on his solo alto sax performance titled, “Vibes”, while the band soars into the stratosphere during “Freedom In The Wind”. However, “Freedom Of Horizon” is reminiscent of the fabled British free-jazz movement as the trio blends conversational type dialogue with briefly stated, clipped lines yet eventually pick up steam as all hell breaks loose. Recommended!

Track Listing: Pica Cato, Freedom of Thought, Vibes, Freedom in Wind, A Gap, Freedom of Sunset, Hi Coo, Freedom of Hope, Good Bye, Freedom of Horizon
Personnel: Blaise Siwula; alto sax: Vattel Cherry; bass: Jeff Arnal; drums

The Slam Trio: In the Stillhouse (Live) (2006)
A Cadence Jazz Records Release 1 cd

The Slam Trio: Blaise Siwula reeds, Adam Lane bass and Toshi Nakihara drums Live in Portland Maine.

Published: May 11, 2006 AllAboutJazz

For all his efforts organizing the Sunday night COMA concert series in Manhattan's Lower East Side, saxophonist Blaise Siwula is underdocumented on record. But he did get away long enough in 2004 to do a three-day New England tour with a strong trio alongside bassist Adam Lane and drummer Toshi Makihara. The last night, in Portland Maine, was captured on tape and put out by Cadence, which has released four other Siwula sessions. 

And from the sounds of it, Siwula was ready to hit the road. On the first of the three long tracks, the group hits hard, beating its way through a furious sixteen minutes. But lest you think you know what to expect, the second track plays with some delicate moments and the third toys with meter and march. There aren't readily apparent themes, but the group shares the cohesion of working it on the road, even if it was just a long weekend. 

Like Jim Staley and his work at Roulette, Siwula might be better known if he weren't spending part of his time promoting a concert series. But the upside of that is he can be heard most Sunday nights at ABC No Rio—and on record, or in person, he's well worth a listen.

Track Listing: Still Song for a Red Puppet; Slam's Blues; Still Dancer.
Personnel: Blaise Siwula: alto, tenor, soprano sax; Adam Lane: bass; Toshi Makihara: drums.
Record Label: CJR

Expositions of Freedom…Now! Badlands
Blaise Siwula (Alto Saxophone), Vattel Cherry (Bass), Jeff Arnal (Drums) Blaise Siwula has one of the most distinct sounds on Jazz sax. This date alternates between 6 trio tracks, live at the Knitting Factory, with 6 solo outings. It is both contemplative and beautiful and one of Blaise's most distinctive releases.

Tesla Coils
1 cd digipak

Elegant sax lines float over textural guitar stylings are manipulated in a process of real time electronic orchestration. Inspired by the creations and philosophy of Nikola Tesla Blaise Siwula reeds, Harvey Valdes guitar and Gian Luigi Diana laptop explore an electro/acoustic realm of improvisation. Though cast in the shape of a trio, the musicians deconstruct their sound often ending up together, tumbling hard but light through this dizzying lesson in cooperative 'conflict'.
Based in Brooklyn Tesla Coils has been active in the NYC downtown scene in many different configurations including Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra

Flutes and Gong for Julian

Birds Light and Dimensions

Recent and distant tracks

Network Connections

"Time In" Siwula/Plaks

The latest release from NoFrillsMusic. Avaiable from

NoFrillsMusic $15.00 (shipping incl) domestic and $20.00 (shipping incl) international.(paypal) Also

CD Cover for Time In


The final show at ABC No-Rio was June 27th 2016. It was a wonderful 18 year run. Thanks to all the performers and audience that made it possible...and of course ABC No-Rio

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Just Released: "Songs for Albert"

"Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision"

"Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings"

available at CdBaby as a Digital Download and CD
(also iTunes)

Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings CD cover

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Merida Encuentro Jan 4th 2016

"Past the Future" Radtke/Siwula/Hertenstein

From NoFrillsMusic for 15.00 domestic 20.00 intnl (ship incl) Available as a download and digipak from cdbaby.

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"Songs of Deception" Mérida Encuentro

Released on Setola di Maiale available through nofrillsmusic

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"Beneath the Ritual"

"Beneath the Ritual" is available on CDBaby as a download and digipak. Also at NoFrillsMusic for 15.00 domestic 20.00 intnl (with shipping) paypalBTR Cover

"The Sun Don't Mind My Singing"

Available Now : "The Sun Don't Mind My Singing" on NachtRecords

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D'ISTANTE3 - available from SLAM productions and CD Baby

Solo Sax at Cross Kings Dec 10 2008

Blaise Siwula & Dom Minasi at the Intar Festival

Creative Spontaneously Composed Music

Blaise Siwula

"Short Day Short Solos" Solstice 2014