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Blaise Siwula Live In London


Blaise Siwula Live In London

Recorded at 2 shows in London in Dec 2008

Dec 9th 2008 at Jazz Rumours - Cross Kings

Dec17th 2008 at FlimFlam - Ryan’s.

Blaise Siwula solo tenor sax and solo clarinet

The last track is a duet Blaise Siwula tenor sax and Alan Wilkinson bari sax. These shows book ended a quick tour in Portugal (Lisbon & Porto) I arrived in London on Dec 9th did the first show. On Dec. 10th Barbara and I flew to Lisbon. Then we returned to London on Dec. 17th did the second show and flew home on the 18th.

We did get to see the Rothko – Seagrams show at the Tate never the less.

These tracks were all spontaneously composed pieces before a warm audience of local musicians and enthusiasts.This cd is the first release for and I hope more to follow soon.

Thanks for taking a look!

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The final show at ABC No-Rio was June 27th 2016. It was a wonderful 18 year run. Thanks to all the performers and audience that made it possible...and of course ABC No-Rio

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Solo Sax at Cross Kings Dec 10 2008

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