Sometimes the Journey Is a Vision

by D'istante3

Released 2014
Released 2014
The CD is the 2nd release by D'istante3. The material was spontaneously composed with jazz roots and a synthesis of world music and acoustic improvisation
There are those studio dates that everything seems to work right..well almost.... This was a moment in time that made sense during and after the session. There has to be an enormous amount of listening to make spontaneous composition work and there were 6 ears extended. The studio was a one room space that meant everything was documented ..this was not overdubbed or isolated. Luciano Troja is a master of piano technique and can produce music in all genres and styles while performing. Giancarlo Mazzù extended his musical talent beyond the guitar (on which he would be described a monster) to the drum kit (he has studied rhythms from around the world) and vocals of which he blends with his guitar. Blaise Siwula has been referred to as "Reed Master of Free Music" (Gregory Edwards 2-28-14) and has a fearless approach to harmony and rhythm.

Flutes and Gong for Julian

Birds Light and Dimensions

Recent and distant tracks

Network Connections

"Time In" Siwula/Plaks

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The final show at ABC No-Rio was June 27th 2016. It was a wonderful 18 year run. Thanks to all the performers and audience that made it possible...and of course ABC No-Rio

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"Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision"

"Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings"

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Merida Encuentro Jan 4th 2016

"Past the Future" Radtke/Siwula/Hertenstein

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"Songs of Deception" Mérida Encuentro

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"Beneath the Ritual"

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"The Sun Don't Mind My Singing"

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Solo Sax at Cross Kings Dec 10 2008

Blaise Siwula & Dom Minasi at the Intar Festival

Creative Spontaneously Composed Music

Blaise Siwula

"Short Day Short Solos" Solstice 2014