Tesla Coils

by Blaise Siwula, Harvey Valdes & Gian Luigi Diana

Released 2014
Setola Di Maiale
Released 2014
Setola Di Maiale
Elegant sax lines float over textural guitar stylings are manipulated in a process of real time electronic orchestration.
Inspired by the creations and philosophy of Nikola Tesla Blaise Siwula reeds, Harvey Valdes guitar and Gian Luigi Diana laptop explore an electro/acoustic realm of improvisation. Though cast in the shape of a trio, the musicians deconstruct their sound often ending up together, tumbling hard but light through this dizzying lesson in cooperative 'conflict'.
Based in Brooklyn Tesla Coils has been active in the NYC downtown scene in many different configurations including Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra

Flutes and Gong for Julian

Merida Encuentro Jan 4th 2016

"Songs of Deception" Mérida Encuentro

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"Time In" Siwula/Plaks

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"Beneath the Ritual"

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"Past the Future" Radtke/Siwula/Hertenstein

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Just Released: "Songs for Albert"

"Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision"

"Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings"

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"The Sun Don't Mind My Singing"

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D'ISTANTE3 - available from SLAM productions and CD Baby

Solo Sax at Cross Kings Dec 10 2008

Blaise Siwula & Dom Minasi at the Intar Festival

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Blaise Siwula

"Short Day Short Solos" Solstice 2014

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