K'ampokol Che K'aay

Blaise Siwula & Lisbon String Trio

Improvisational music with roots of modern classical music and the natural twists of wind.

On a recent trip to Lisbon Portugal clarinetist Blaise Siwula was invited to a recording session with the "Lisbon String Trio" featuring violist Ernesto Rodrigues, cellist Miguel Mira and bassist Alvaro Rosso for a session of improvisationa music. The result was a focused and sustained collaboration of sounds from nature in a dance of light. K'AMPOKOL CHE K'AAY (wood music) K'AAY is Mayan for music/canto...K'AMPOL CHE is wood is the result. The track titles are for your imagination.

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  1. 1
    K'am 15:09
  2. 2
    Pokol 7:18
  3. 3
    K'a 6:33
  4. 4
    Che 14:52
  5. 5
    Ay 5:09