Los Jaguares Sueñan Flamingos (Live)

Blaise Siwula & Israel Flores Bravo

The music is imagination of an image of a dream from jaguars of flamingos with passion.

Approximately 3 years ago Blaise Siwula and Israel Flores Bravo met for the first time in Mérida, MX and performed as a duo in the Cha'ak'ab Paaxil free jazz and noise Festival. This led to several encuentros in Queretaro, San Miguel and Mexico City. The music has maintained it's freshness and spontaneity during each show. Israel Flores Bravo is a drummer/poet who resides in Queretaro MX performing with a wide variety of improvising musicians. Blaise Siwula is a saxophonist and clarinetist who lives in Brooklyn, NY and on a more regular schedule Mérida MX. This cd contains music from their last two shows in Mexico City - JazzOrca and Queretaro - Mas sabe el diablo Cultubar.

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