Songs for Albert

Blaise Siwula & Shiro Onuma

The spontaneously composed music on this cd was inspired by and dedicated to the jazz tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler.

Blaise Siwula and Shiro Onuma first met in Tokyo in 2005 while performing with pianist Katsuyuki Itakura at the Pit Inn. A return tour to Japan in 2006 found them partnered again in free improvised performances in Tokyo. In 2009 Shiro Onuma was able to visit New York city for a series of performances and this recording date on July 25th at Wombat studios. A sax and drum duet...just straight improvising with rhythm and changing melodies....and energy. There wasn't a pre conceived direction to play like or sound like Albert Ayler but there was definitely a feeling that spoke clearly to both musicians. This recording has been waiting four years for this moment...I hope you enjoy it.

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